Our mission at the Springs Dry Eye Center is to inform the public about the causes of Dry Eye, provide comprehensive Dry Eye analysis, and treat the root cause of Dry Eye in every patient.

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Long-Term Dry Eye Relief

We use the most advanced, FDA-approved Dry Eye treatment technology called LipiFlow to unblock your eyes' glands so moisture-saving oils can be produced.
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1) Dry Eyes?

Untreated dry eyes can cause long-term discomfort, lead to major vision problems, and using eye drops daily can be a hassle

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Our gentle and quick LipiFlow process will unblock your glands so your eyes can keep themselves moist naturally

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We strive for excellence in the services that we deliver and every decision we make revolves around providing the best care to our patients.

FSA and HSA Eligible

Our LipiFlow treatment is eligible for payment through flex and health spending accounts.

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Here at the Springs Dry Eye Center, we have compiled resources for you to learn more about your dry eyes and discover what treatment options you have. Take a look.

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